Fun Things to do on Valentine Day

  1. 01. Fun Things to do on Valentine Day

    Interesting ways of spending Valentine day on low budget

    1. Want a classic dinner date?

    If you really have your heart set on going out to dinner, try heading out the night before or day after so that you’re not locked into a prix fixe menu (and you don’t have to battle the crowds!).


    2. Cooking together

    More often than not you can whip up a restaurant quality meal at home so enjoy your time cooking dinner together and then treat yourselves and go out for dessert.


    3. A night out (literally)

    If you live somewhere that you can enjoy the weather outside, pack a dessert and hot chocolate or wine and head for a night under the stars

    4. Valentine’s Day Brunch

    Since Valentines Day is on a Saturday this year, try a romantic brunch is just as much fun as a dinner. An added bonus: it’s a little easier on the wallet.


    5. Game night

    Have a game night with your honey. A little healthy competition is always fun and the winner can make their own stakes (foot massage anyone?!)


    6. A “love” of the arts

    Find a museum or local gallery that has a “love-themed” exhibit and check it out

    7. V-day bar crawl

    Do a mini bar crawl with your honey, and at each location toast to something you want to do together in the coming year.

    8. Fondue for two

    Going out for fondue can often be expensive and really time consuming. Skip the extra step of heading to the restaurant and make fondue at home!!

  2. 02. A Rose is Not Just a Rose

    So Valentine is just around the corner and you are wondering what to give to your significant other.. We have done a little research on flowers and their meaning.

    You’ve probably heard that “a rose is a rose is a rose,” but while perfectly poetic, the Victorians wholeheartedly disagree. Flower meaning dictionaries were quite popular during the Victorian era — for instance, pink carnations meant “I will never forget you,” and chrysanthemums meant “truth.” Though people didn’t necessarily send secret messages through buds and bouquets, the meanings were still important to people during that period.

    Pink Carnations

    pink carnations




    Red Roses

    If you planned on delivering this classic choice to your significant other, you’re in luck. It means “love.


    White Rose

    But maybe save these babies for a melancholy moment. They mean “a heart unacquainted with love.”

    white rose

    Pink Roses

    Deliver the gift of “grace” when you send a friend these sweet blooms.


    Peach Roses

    These bashful beauties signify “modesty.”


    Purple Roses

    A quirkier hue calls for a quirkier meaning; violet shades lend themselves to “enchantment.”


    Burgundy Roses

    Though it may not be as striking as the classic red rose, this deeper shade is more subtle and represents “unconscious beauty.”



    Orange Roses

    An energetic, curious color comes with a meaning to match: “fascination.


    Yellow Roses

    yellow roses

    You wouldn’t think it cruel to gift someone a bouquet, but these sunny flowers imply “infidelity.


  3. 03. Bright and Bold colors for any event

    IMG-20150124-WA0008 IMG-20150124-WA0009 IMG-20150124-WA0010

  4. 04. Greenary

    Roses bloomed

    They’re dramatic, they’re romantic and they’re versatile, so they look perfect whether you’re planning a traditional affair or something more relaxed


    Gaga for greenery

    Herbs like rosemary and mint, lemon leaf, magnolia leaf, ivy, smilax and maidenhair fern are being strung together and used in surprising ways — as table runners or chair swags, to frame cocktail menus, to redefine tent ceilings or to give chandeliers a soft edge.



  5. 05. Less is more, like this set up simple and elegant

    20141227_094026 20141227_090717 20141227_094021

  6. 06. A simple and lovely set up for the ceremony

    IMG-20141229-WA0004 IMG-20141229-WA0016 IMG-20141229-WA0015A si

  7. 07. Dark blue and stripes runner and shades of pink flowers

    IMG-20141229-WA0003 IMG-20141229-WA0000 IMG-20141229-WA0002Roya

  8. 08. enchanting

    White Tent with String Lights

  9. 09. Barney Themed Party




    IMG-20141215-WA0008(1) IMG-20141215-WA0005(1) IMG-20141215-WA0011




    Let your child celebrate their birthday in style

  10. 10. December the Months for Weddings and More weddings

    20141212_102444 20141212_102501 20141212_102856 20141212_102858 20141212_102923

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